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Finding a Job
« on: July 02, 2010, 09:12:39 PM »

   Probability and Statistic Work

Hello gentleman,

At First time I have to describe my profile.
I'm Brazilian-born and high school student.
I live in the city of Fortaleza and now I have 17 years of age.

I am a high school student with strong interests in mathematical sciences.
Although I do not have a higher academic education, as important topics to study more accurate understanding of mathematics not only more in the economy, in which I will specialize when entering college.

I can say that would be a pleasure to work with other groups to help me in the field of knowlegde.I am most likely to learn as a team and have good ideas that could be useful in scientific merits.

I can say that I was efforted and I am always willing to Contribute to scientific growth.
The science is special because it seeks to explain everything that is present in our Reality
Brings new perspectives and of wisdom.

My research focus is in probability and statistics and be able to use knowledge more accurate for scientific research.

I want to work in sectors related to scientific research laboratory related on the European Community.
I must raise financial incomes to invest in some goals of mine.

My motivation is to work in scientific learning and exploring new techniques.

I'll be very grateful if someone can help me.

I mean the gentlemen readers of the letter that I am committed to working not only to raise my financial income, which is a need, but to bring honor and in putting into practice the art of knowing new fields of science.

My studies are related to the following themes:

   Mathematical Analysis
   Studies on ordinary and partial differential equations of 1st Order [ODE]
   Statistics and application in physical chemistry.
   Applicability of Linear Algebra.
        I have the ability to:
   Develop projects.
   Scientific Work in roles

I can study and work in the fields of atomistic, Classical Mechanics, Chemical Kinetics, Intermediate Statistics, developing projects to be forwarded to the reality and creating alternative solutions to certain problems.

I believe that a simple idea to change our point of view about anything.

There Lemmas that need to be entered on this page before starting any work:

1. Daring new solutions
2. Maintaining the balance
3. Believe in your project
4. Have Focus
5. Teamwork
6. Have discipline
7. Negotiate solutions
8. Making decisions
9. Teaching by example
10. Be steadfast
11. Love what you do
12. Have the desire of be the best
13. Humility

(Nothing Would Be Possible without loading the character to Be humble)

Clearly, a letter requesting employment will not be sufficient enough to communicate better, but will listen to everyone who is interested in hiring me for a certain period of time.
Because of my studies to occupy a good portion of my time, I could not fully decide, but parcially.I hope that the reader can take this understanding.
I'll be attentive and dedicated to the issue.
Glad to be an apprentice.

My Best Regards,
Igor Titara

If anyone want to know more about me,just send a email or talk with me.
My eletronic address is : or

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Finding a Job
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