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My adventures with Linux
« on: January 10, 2009, 04:00:44 PM »
Linux is not Windows. Nothing in it works like Windows does when it comes to certain hardware. To watch media like You Tube I recommend using the adobe flash player plugin along with every other plugin they have available. The Operating system I am writing about is UBUNTU 8.04 with the 2.6.24 kernel. The kernel is important because of what I am going to get into later. The operating system picked up my moniter,cdrw drive,dvdrw drive on both my laptop=Panasonic CF-48, and Desktop=IBM M-41. It picked up my modem and my wireless router automatically also. What Linux has a big problem with is cheap printers like my Lexmark Z645 and most Wireless cards including built in wireless. What I am trying to say is that on a land line everything works automatically. Wireless takes some work. After working on my wireless problem for about a week I finally achieved success. I now have the laptop working wirelessly with linux. Posting in linux forums sadly didn't give me much help. Ubuntu community forum is hit and miss because it is swamped with people posting there problems from around the world. showed me more attention to my problem and 1 guy tried really hard to be helpful but in the end I had to plod along on my own to resolve my wireless connection problem. Now I can happily say the only thing that I use Windows for is for my printer which is no big deal. If I could figure out a program called ndiswrapper which allows windows drivers to run in Linux I could probably get the printer to work to. Oh well that will be another week long project and right now its easier to boot into windows when I need to use it. Ok, I was going to say why the kernel is important. When I went to intel to see about a driver for my intel wireless 2915 chip (which is a very common wireless chip in laptops of all brands) the intel install read me doc. stated they're driver was only compatible with Linux kernel 2.6.8+ which means .8 on up and since mine ended with .24 I was safe. You see what I mean. Linux is not Windows. Right clicking an exe. file or install file more likely than not won't get you no where. The only way to get any thing done or installed besides going through synaptic package manager or apt get manager (which are easy to do. you just click the box for whatever software you want to install from a list
that is 25,014 long.that is individual free software,boy thats alot of software) is to go to Applications>Terminal>open the Terminal and start entering command lines. Computer geek to most of us regular users. All over the internet there are command text for most everything. Trouble is its wrote by geeks who assume you know what they are talking about and get upright indignant when you ask them "HUH". Linux is not Windows.There is no such thing as an exe. file for linux. It comes in either a rpm format or a tar format. To install one of those files or drivers depending on what you downloaded from the internet requires that you open a terminal and get aquainted with your inner child and turn him or her into a semi-geek.

So any of you that wishes to take the plunge,realize that Linux is not Windows. I am semi literate in computer geek when it comes to these operating systems and any of you in this forum just ask and I'll try to help. I found all my answers painstakinly cruzen the internet looking for people that had come close or exactly to having the same problem as me. If I can;t give you an answer directly I'll point you to a link that does and maybe between the 2 or 4 of us we can interpet what the hell The VODOO incantations need to be done in Terminal to get ya up and running. I have posted in previous posts on how to dual boot in Linux so you can keep Windows or Mac depending on your tastes.So have fun and remember "Linux is not Windows"
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My adventures with Linux
« on: January 10, 2009, 04:00:44 PM »