Author Topic: Clebsch method, deflection of continuous beams with varying stiffness?  (Read 3068 times)


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Does anyone knows how to include in clebsch's equation (for deflection of continuous beams) different stiffness of members?

The basic idea is: EIw = -ʃʃMdx+Ax+B

So for a continuous beam on pinned support equation would look like (for example):

EIw = -Ra*x^3/6 +UDL1*x^4/24 -Rb*(x-b)^3/6 -UDL1*(x-b)^4/24 +UDL2*(x-b)^4/24 -Rc*(x-c)^3/6.... +Ax +B
(where: b is length of first span; c is length of first + second span; B=0 as supports are pinned)

But the above is valid for a beam where stiffness is constant. So how would it look like if each span has a different "I".

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